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A brief synopsis:


Akin to--& a medley of--yoga therapy, spiritual direction & personal breakthrough coaching, Soul Support is a holistic healing modality tailored to your individual needs in the moment. Some of the supportive tools with which we may engage are as follows: therapeutic physical movement, medical mediumship, question & answer (in the vein of and influenced by Neuro Linguistic Programming), Channeled-Light Healing* Energy Work (distance & in-person), meditation, mindfulness exercises, kundalini kriya (physical exercises that encourage a specific energetic outcome) & pranayama (breathing exercises).


When an active yoga teacher trainer I specialize in the energy body & Yoga Sutras (ancient Hindu threads of wisdom). When seeking out my own personal therapeutic modalities I've had a difficult time finding direct support for my spiritual needs and inquiries; I badly desire care from coherent practitioners clearly in touch with Source/Spirit/Creative Intelligence. That said, for those of you who resonate with the above-mentioned, consider this. We can live our lives with connection to finite power and support, or infinite. If you, like me, choose infinite, reach out. If I can’t help you directly, I may be able to point you in the direction of someone who can. 

*I express as both a self-taught natural intuitive as well as a formally trained Reiki Master. This work is largely influenced by my training with Reiki Master Teacher/creator of Channeled-Light Healing, Alyssa Malehorn (see alyssamalehorn.com) and Shamanic Practitioner Alberto Villodo of The Four Winds Society. 



What can this help me with?

-disease prevention

-disease reversal

-finding your purpose/setting clear intentions for yourself and your life

-finding your authentic voice (for yoga teachers and non-teachers alike)


-brain/heart coherence (see heartmath.com)

-reducing anxiety, raising vibration, stepping into more joy, trust, clarity, knowing & abundance.


-regulating the nervous system so that we return our own personal power & are ready for anything


-rewiring the brain (releasing attachments to old thinking/emoting patterns & creating, on purpose, new ones.


-creating for you a personalized sadhana (daily personal spiritually disciplined practice/effort for your particular intentions/to help you find and support your purpose. 


A modality to consider if you are feeling some or all of the following (“symptoms” of spiritual awakening):


-regular restlessness


-energetically blocked/stuck stagnant (creative or otherwise)


-anxious/depressed/stressed (with greater intensity and duration than usual)


-having unexpected physical issues arise: thyroid, appendix, IBS, tooth and gum trouble, cancer, cough, heart palpitations, skin issues, gut trouble, you name it…


-maddening over-thinking/perseverating 


-a feeling like “everything is going wrong; I’m screwing everything up”


-lack of direction/life purpose/clarity


-suicidal ideation


-addiction (drugs, alcohol, sex, and the hidden goodie: workaholism, etc.)


-sleeplessness, serious sleep changes


-total lack of interest in day to day life, sex, feelings of blah (non-contentment)


-unexplainable headaches, dizziness, experiencing feeling “out of body”


-numb or buzzing in random areas of your body


-like everything you’re eating and drinking has suddenly turned against you


-desiring a total life change 



Individual session (90 + minutes)—>$155


5-pack (all Skype or 1 in-person+4 online—>$625

($130 Total Savings) 


*payment plans available

weekly playlist

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Erika's father was an airline captain. Erika grew up exposed to the multiplicity of the world's flavors and adventures; it follows that in her work as an artist, teacher, and seeker she is interested in and influenced by many different traditions of spiritual study, creative expression, and healing.  She has trained in alignment-based vinyasa, Ashtanga, and has studied specifically the subtle energy body (or pranamaya kosha). Erika’s teaching incorporates a variety of transformational healing modalities not limited to but including: Tibetan Buddhist mindfulness practices and Shamatha Meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, aka "tapping"), Trauma/Tension Releasing Exercises (TRE), breathing exercises (pranayama), subtle body work incorporating Kundalini yoga, multi-sensory stimulation, creative writing (particularly poetry), smokeless salt fires, the shamanic arts, and intuitive movement.


The heart of Erika's offering hopes to influence an individual’s healing and promote positive personal transformation on one’s dharmic path: one’s most joyful, liberated, vital, embodied spiritual experience. Erika weaves together cultural traditions, science, rituals, spiritual and religious practices, and 12-step recovery work into yogic and meditative journeys to help people heal, get present, and celebrate their lives. Check in regularly for updated themes, readings, music and to find out when and where you can join a scheduled class, workshop, or retreat. Erika is also available for booking in private or group work.



When she's in town you can find her classes at these Austin locations:



3317 Manor Rd.

Austin, TX  78723

2324 S. Lamar Blvd.

Austin, TX  78704


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